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City of Glenwood Springs

101 8th Street Glenwood Springs, CO 81601



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You will be provided with a Form Number upon submission.

Applicant Details

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Event Details

Site Plan - Recreational events must submit a detailed site plan identifying the proposed event area. Event cannot prohibit or impede access to public rest rooms, boat ramps, or trail systems. Sponsor is required to provide a detailed site plan with the following information: Parking locations, Vendor parking locations, Traffic Control, Street Obstruction/Street Closure Emergency access, Temporary fencing, Tent/Canopy placemen, Locations of Port-a-Potties, Dumpster locations Inflatables/Amusement Rides

Temporary Street Obstruction Permit

Does the event propose closing or impeding access to any City streets, sidewalks, alleys or parking lot?   For more information, contact the Engineering Department; please call (970) 384-6435

Upload Completed Temporary Street Obstruction Permit

Temporary Membrane Structure, Tent and Canopy

Tents or Canopies (may require a temporary membrane structure, tent and canopy permit) if larger than 10x10 pop-up. Upload a Temporary Membrane Structure Permit

Upload Completed Temporary Membrane Structure Permit

Additional Event Details

Will there be an admission charge?
Will there be entertainment?
Will there be food provided and/or sold?
Will there be any contracted concessionaires/caterers?
Will event include inflatables/amusement rides? Inflatables are allowed in the City Parks only in designated areas approved by Parks Superintendent. User must abide by all manufacture guidelines and The City of Glenwood Springs will require insurance coverage naming the City as additional insured in the amount of $1 Million per event.
Security guards will be required for events when alcohol is being served or 100 attending with a minimum of 2 guards per event. One additional security guard will be required per 50 over 100 attending.

Special Event Liquor Permit

A Special Event Liquor Permit must be obtained to sell alcohol. An event at which alcohol will be served or sold requires a special event liquor license. The applicant must be a nonprofit organization registered with the Colorado Secretary of State for purposes of social, fraternal, patriotic, political or athletic activities; a regularly chartered brand, lodge, or chapter of a national organization or society; a regularly established religious or philanthropic institution; or a political candidate or committee.

There are two types of Special Event Liquor Licenses in Glenwood Springs: Minor Events (250 people or fewer and take place on only one day) and Major Events (251 people or more). Applicants will submit this fully completed application for a Special Events Permit to the City Clerk at least 60 days prior to the event. For more information, contact the City Clerk at (970) 384-6403

Will alcohol be served or sold?
Are servers trained in Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSOA)

Sales Tax

A Sales Tax Permit must be obtained for the sale of any and all items. Vendors will need to obtain a sales tax/business license through the Finance Department at Temporary vendors or event vendors, must pay $25 and also provide a $100 deposit. Food vendors also need to obtain health department approval through Garfield County. For more information about obtaining a Sales Tax Permit, please call Finance Department (970) 384-6420 

Form Completion

Applicant Signature

I have read and do understand the terms and conditions of this permit, and do hereby agree on behalf of the Sponsor of this event, that all participating in this event shall adhere to and abide by all applicable ordinances, state and local rules and regulations. Sponsor shall release the City from any liability and holding the City of Glenwood Springs harmless from any claims resulting from leased premises during the term of use.


Event should not be scheduled or advertised without final approval.